National Campaigns

National Campaigns


hs2Stop HS2 is the national grassroots campaign against HS2 for whom Joe Rukin is its most public face (together with Ellie, the inflatable life size white elephant). It organises national activities, such as demonstrations outside Parliament, conventions and petitions. The Stop HS2 website is updated daily and it has an active online presence, with Twitter, YouTube and Facebook activities.

Chair: Penny Gaines


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HS2AA campaigns against HS2 in the media, the Courts and Parliament by challenging the business case and environmental arguments put forward by the government for HS2. It led the preparation and funding of judicial reviews, two of which were heard in December 2012 and one in July 2013. It fights for fair compensation and have developed a new approach, based on a property bond, which is now widely supported by MP’s and other organisations. It conducts nationwide advertising and regularly meets with MP’s and Lords.

Director:  Hilary Wharf



51m51M is a group of 19 district councils opposed to HS2. This was initiated by Buckinghamshire County Council. The name is derived from the amount that HS2 will cost each political constituency: £51 million (when the cost was £33 billion). 51M also raised a judicial review they have also developed an alternative to HS2 of improving the existing railways.



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 AGAHST (Action Groups Against High Speed Two) is the umbrella organisation for opposition to HS2, and is a federation of community based action groups. The Chairs of the Action Groups meet every 6 weeks and are joined by Stop HS2 and HS2AA. In addition to campaigning against HS2 at national level, AGAHST facilities the sharing of information, resources, and support for member groups. The Campaign Director is joined on the AGAHST board by three experienced Action Group Chairs and representatives from HS2AA and Stop HS2.


Campaign Director:  Deanne DuKhan

Enquires from new action groups: 

Andrew Bodman


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Class Action HS2 has been created with the aim to enable an effective challenge and potential prosecution of HS2 Ltd and the Secretary of State, under the Human Rights Charter, for damages based on the loss of value to properties because of HS2.

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