What can you do?

What can you do?

Do not assume that HS2 will not happen and do not assume that others can successfully campaign against this without your help. If we do nothing HS2 will be coming!

Together, by raising awareness, communicating the facts and uniting the Nation in its opposition to the project, we can STOP HS2.

Just A little of your time can make a difference. Here’s how you can help:


The government consultations in respect of HS2 are open to everyone, not just those people who are near to the proposed routes. These provide a real opportunity for you to raise your objections to HS2 and have your views heard and recorded. It is critical that you participate in these consultations and encourage friends and family to also take part.

Full details of the current consultations can be seen by visiting our consultation section.

Rob, should we have a link to the consultation page here?

Petitions and Polls:

Petitions and Polls are another way of showing the Government and Local MP’s the strength of opposition to this project. There is currently an online petition on the Government site to stop HS2. The Prime Minster has pledged that if this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, he will hold a Parliamentary debate about the proposed High Speed Rail.

Nothing will focus the minds of MP’s more that lot’s of opposition and the fear of loosing their seats if they vote against the wishes of the constituents.

Polls are another way of getting the message out that most people do not want HS2. In a recent ‘YouGov’ poll, 53% of those polled were against HS2, only 27% were in favour with the remaining 20% undecided. There are also many local newspaper polls the most recent of which was the Manchester Evening News, in which a staggering 92% were against HS2.

Full details of the current petitions and polls can be seen by visiting our petitions page.

Rob, should we have a link to the petitions page here?

Social Media:

If you are a user of social medial please use it to gain support in the fight against HS2, encourage those you are contacting to take part in consultations, petitions, polls and to contact their local MP.

Getting the message out:

Purchase our Stop HS2 car stickers, pin badges or wristbands. Make sure you display them in your vehicle or wear them, not only will you be providing vital funds for the fight against HS2, but also getting the message out to others.

Changing political will:

Whist more and more political figures are voicing objections or concerns about HS2, at present the proposal retains cross party support from the three main political parties.

We believe that the opinions of more MP’s can be changed by contact and lobbying from constituents.

To assist in this we have provided links to local and national political figures who we would ask that you contact and raise your objections against HS2.

On our templates page we have also provided ‘letter’ templates that you can cut and paste into an e-mail or if you prefer print and send by post.

Please take time to do this and encourage family and friends also. This activity will make a difference. 

Contact our MP:  Jeremy Lefroy :www.jeremy.lefroy.mp.co.uk

Post letters to: Jeremy Lefroy MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or to Unit 15, Pearl House, Anson Court, Staffordshire Technology Park, Beaconside, Stafford, ST18 0GB.

Contact the Secretary of State for Transport: Patrick McLoughlin : www.patrick.mcloughlin.mp.co.uk  

Or write to  Patrick McLoughlin (Secretary of State), House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA.