HS2 is the government’s proposed ultra high-speed rail line connecting Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds with London. Current plans show the London to Birmingham (Phase 1) not being completed before2026 with the Manchester and Leeds (Phase 2) links due for completion in 2033.hall

We oppose the HS2 High Speed Rail project, not just because the proposed route will devastate our village communities and destroy our beautiful countryside but because there is No Business Case, No Environmental Case and in these financially prudent times there is No Money to Pay for it.   

Despite several attempts the government has failed to provide a compelling business case. They have been based on unrealistic assumptions and questionable data. In a recent Supreme Court hearing, counsel for HS2 acknowledged that alternative solutions presented would be more environmentally friendly. HS2 is not a ‘green’ project and worryingly the full environmental impact has still not been assessed. The wider strategic benefits that are being promoted are overhyped and do not stand up to scrutiny, while the capacity to meet future demands can be provided at a fraction of the cost of HS2.

Many years before phase 2 is to be built the estimated cost has already risen by a whopping 34% from £32 billion to £ 43 billion, when you add the cost of the rolling stock the cost rises to £50 billion. Many respected commentators believe that the final costs would be upwards of £70 billion. We believe that less money could be better spent on many smaller projects.

Regardless of the fact that more and more respected and influential groups, committees and individuals are speaking out against HS2, the government continue to press ahead with it.

HS2 will affect you directly if you are a resident of Ingestre or Tixall both in the construction and operation of the line. You will see it, you will hear it, you will suffer massive disruption, and those close enough will feel it vibrate.  To add insult to injury, you will loose value on your property and you will also pay for it. All pain, no gain.

To view the central news report on the impact of HS2 in Ingestre and Tixall, please visit:

http://www.itv.com/news/central/2013-09-18/keith-wilkinson-takes-a-look-at-the-impact-of-hs2-on some-of-our-most-picturesque-districts/

towerWe are not opposed to improvement of the UK’s transport infrastructure but we believe that the HS2 proposal is excessively expensive, will not deliver value for money, will only benefit a few at the expense of many and is being pursued without the full engagement and support of the public. We believe that for far less money, UK wide integrated transport systems can be provided that meet national, regional and local demands and link to an improved rail system.

So how do we stop it? HS2 is not just a local or environmental issue, it is an economic and political issue but it is not currently a party political issue. It was originally proposed by the last Labour government and has been taken on by the Coalition. It needs a change of political will to stop it.

Please visit our ‘how can I help’ page to see what you can do to assist in the fight against HS2. Do not leave it to others it’s your money, your transport system and your government. Join us and help in our fight to change these damaging proposals, and protect your community and your country.

If you would like to know more about the national campaigns and all the latest information please visit the links to:

StopHS2  http://stophs2.org/ and

HS2 Action Alliance  http://www.hs2actionalliance.org/


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